My Kind Of Love

It’s a given I’m broke
and need repair quick.
An intoxicating wave,
euphoric smoke thick.

My mind ruminates I
embrace pain it stays.
Everything is a battle
and for a relief I pray.

At my foundation are
demons they crawl me,
I feed off of inequities;
mine that on me creep.

Numb is my mind I’m
a sorted paradox new
to this not I panic for
there’s more than you.

At core I was taught
that a duty of love was
being fed all the new
mind numbing drugs.

Your love helps clear
my over-dosed mind.
When purged and clear
I found it you I did find.

So I abandon the strife,
the utter disgust same.
You remind me replica,
of one always in a brain.

So I am begging to all
the wonderous hands
help relieve a tension,
a hurt I can’t withstand.

You appear in musings
I use to explore courage
to muster to fight a day
where the devil forages.

So I write a line a wisp
a stroke to paint all of
my pain and how it all
helped to know of love.

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