The Magical


A great mystique compells me.

The mysteries of where fingers touch skin.

How we got here I’m not sure.

Magical, breathtaking, undulating flesh smooth to the touch.

I cry at such release. As such to behold such I cower.

Not the take charge kind of person am I.

I hesitate but the memory of our union calls me in the night.

I am awestruck. I may have just actually seen for the first time.

All those other encounters…just as usual. Nothing new here except my musings.

My body is shaking to think of such.

The closeness, the longing.

I am but a small thing in a vast expanse.

Yet I burn bright in the darkness.

The darkness kindles me and I call it friend.

All else is alien to me.

Yet as if some adventurer I seek answers.

In the crevasses to the expanse of flesh.

So wisp me away dear night.

I am called by the carnal but I stay for your calming heartbeat.

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  1. Love this Jared. Very sexy 🖤❤️

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  2. Different from the usual 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Different can be a good thing I hope. 🙃

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      1. Different was a wonderful thing.
        I love reading work the people I love post. But there is something sublime reading a different style from people Who’s work you already like. It’s a little bit like a sudden wake up and excitement afterward

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  3. Arie Woosley says:

    I believe this site contains some rattling fantastic info for everyone : D.


    1. Hey, that is awesome to say and I appreciate that!!


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