My Shinny Gun

I’ve grown old
in this plane of
shinny things to
exude I try love.

They shimmer
and I keep close
my gun my guard,
my love I suppose.

Look my love hear,
I’ve a bounty on
my head I’m gone;
the great beyond.

There I hold trial,
I share no smile,
the air is thick I’ll
all faults compile.

My light burns in
my essence unseen.
There I am master,
my own drama scene.

Come to me let me
hold in my arms us
who travel miles of
thousands I trust.

Outside the miles I
find I starve much.
Let’s be close friend,
let’s let fingers touch. 

My mind is wild now
and the sun eclipsed.
So let us touch now,
share soft our lips.

They’ll see us not,
they who conspire
to confuse the truth;
those asps of liars.

Sell my soul to all
the devils in my hell.
My shinny gun changes
the story they’ll tell.

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