Against The Grain

I wrote the words,
pain pushed the keys.
In my mind a shadow
macabre called me forth.

The liquor, once years I
tasted long ago found my
vicious distaste of all
my weaknesses soft spot.

I’ve asked all that is
tender into my realm
but still the rum spoke:
“Hide pain of your regrets.”

“You are a soldier of mine,”
so said the bottle.
As hurt left adrenaline
ran full throttle.

I lay my hurt at feet
of a companion in pain.
Who knows night’s strife
and the sting of rain.

Numb my life because
daggers whisper in mind
to say goodbye to air
and pray heaven I find.

I set my eyes upon sky
after the liquor ran slow.
Out of my body take me,
for I’m not what I show.

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