All Things End

It is a simple thing in life to make changes sometimes and sometimes it is not. I took this picture today of my father’s first set of cabinets his father made for him and his brother.

Back in the 60’s it was all such a simpler time. Drawers like these were a luxury. And for 60 years these drawers stood in existence and were eventually turned into a work table by my grandfather. Who was a WWII veteran who sailed in the Southern Pacific on the USS San Jacinto with George Bush in the Philippines.

My grandfather passed years ago. My grandmother though is still living. Yet now she lives in a retirement community in Atlanta, Georgia. Here in Tennessee her home has been cleared out and she is currently in the hospital.

Now my father is a man a few emotions. Saddness and sorrow in general he expresses with anger. He’s never been sentimental about much but we removed this piece of furniture last out of her condo.

My father said, as we removed the drawers out and loaded all of it and took it to the dump yard, that these were the first set of drawers that him and his brother had. I was tempted to ask why not keep them. Yet I remained silent.

I realized that in a way my father has come to realize that in life all things end. There’s no need to be scared of it. There is need though of us as humans to just accept it.

We all will find our end too. It was just a very sobering moment to realize that we could be billionaires all our lives and still in the end nothing amounts to anything except for the memories we have and how we have lived in this brief cycle of life we have been given.

We dumped the drawers into the dumpster after a trek we made through the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. It was a surreal moment for me and I realize now that our memories and relationships we have in life are far more important than the physical things we think are so damn important. Without a word it was a sobering lesson I now reflect on with you.

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  1. kristianw84 says:

    Memories are far more valuable than possessions, however; it is hard not to grow an attachment to things. My grandmother made me an ornament when I was born. It was a simple red, round bulb with gold writing that simply read “Kristian, 1984” and despite my best efforts, it broke last year. I cried & cried, but what’s more important is that I’ll always have the memories of hanging that ornament year after year, and that will never break. How awesome that you now have this memory with your dad! You’ll always be able to reflect back on it and no one can ever take that from you! 🥰 You’re very wise, Jared.

    Also, sorry to hear that your grandma is in the hospital. I’m keeping you in my thoughts. ❤

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    1. JW says:

      Thank you Kristian. I know memories are the most important thing and we have made wonderful ones together my grandmother and me. Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂

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