Freely Reflecting

Fed fully focused for
my freedom finding
I’m fed to fracture for
you keep reminding.

Your face is familiar
I guess it won’t leave.
Like a stain on linen
or uncurable disease.

I’ll have my trials I’ll
have moments tested
by others who haunt
in my mind infested.

I’ve got problems I
can not sit still for all
others who call upon
my attention I’ll fall.

Wade in wicked waters,
memories they drown,
this wicked man now I
here now have found.

Free to release freely
freedom from you too.
I’ll rip right off a page
my thoughts about you.

You me you capture
my reminiscing brain.
For you it tears a moon
from a galactic plane.

Reflecting in the water
is where I find myself
come to my senses so I
can file you on a shelf.

My library is liberating
and legend it does keep
the haunt memory now
I hope does not repeat. 

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