Where I Dwell

My wasteland it is dry
is not found so fertile.
I take a step back I see
in mind places I defile.   

Wisps of some smoke it
grabbed me life it choked
out the breath within me;
words happy were broke. 

I’ll try draw for you the
view of that to my Eden
so that you can see paths
I found of ease to freedom.

Saved says a Lord above,
I kick while bleeding out
of the pores in skin they
writhe as vessels shout.

A wasteland of my soul
is complex so see it not.
My mental state dissipates
the Lord’s embrace forgot.

Take me to the fields of
healing to reach fruition.
Memories of a soul I lost
I sadly so do miss them.

The burning deep down
expels all that dwells hell
gives off flames of pain in
my wasteland I do dwell.

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