For The King

Equal we share part
of a heart torn apart
in incendiary flame
let it let us fuel an art.

Night has stolen all
we would hold dear.
The king of lies wages
war liberty he smears.

Tainted by a color ill
the rhetoric is fierce.
A land of freedom it
at its heart is pierced.

Hiding he knows not
a care for anyone else.
Ripped a flag it is torn;
we cry tears for help.

Let us take ink to fill
bastions up into sky
with clarity let us live
as if tomorrow we die.

Hollow chords voices
are being snuffed out.
Burn but feel the chill;
we need values devout.

I love you my brothers
and sisters we’re adrift;
in the sun his delusions
call for truth dismissed.

Inclined we are to stand,
take a hand to stroke
beauty amdist ourselves
while his grip it chokes.

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