Volatile Sanctum

Thoughts of violence
an ember glows red
inside spirit hate I’ve
spoken while I bled.

Does a coffin of cedar
hold what we held so
tightly I feel so mighty
though all I don’t know.

Misplaced people they
that kindle in a bosom
a knowledge a refuge I
hope none abuse them.

Children cry enough a
single tear is too much.
For to protect them we
a safe harbor construct.

Outside the air stokes
not quelling the heat.
The power of a passion
the world tries defeat.

There is nothing new
under the sun all guns
fire shots in the air to
declare their war won. 

Man and his violence
forget that soft words
keep safe a sanctum as
a world turns burns.

My fiery pit throws fits
but I now see an anger
as weak for a temper
stoked evokes danger. 

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