My Flight Tonight

I don’t want to be sad
I don’t want to be down
but I am vexed complex
notions they resound.

Semblance of happiness
hello my imagination.
Miss you stir my words
they await my creation.

It seems here I fear me
for all my time is spent
looking at your picture;
my eyes do not relent.

I know the curvature,
of your cheek I’m weak,
as I read your words I see
mystery your eyes speak.

They tell in a spell catch
your wrath I love it all
the halls your dimension
is so strong I in love fall.

The want it turns not so
I reach for the stronger
vile of posion I’ve chosen
to think of you no longer.

Still I am sad still I am a
version of me I know not.
But I love that at my feet
all that hurts I’ve forgot.

I am lifted by euphoric
laughter inside my soul.
That just a picture can
all my emotions control.

I’ll let out a word or two
so now I can sleep tonight.
Though across a sea dear
you strike all my delight.

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