Assassin’s Cell

Lucid and fluid all
a dream will fill up.
I am dreaming you
and I drank your cup.

Flee me from prison
I know you’ll smile.
Let sun shine down
this body to defile.

I will sweep you off
the palm of my hand.
I will keep you aloft in
this lovely time stand.

Keep the roses crisp
after on a table long.
Dream in the night
after falling to song.

Cylindrical vasses in
them there’s no flower.
From my hands I try
to them to empower.

The shadow keeps lit
in the corner I’m veiled.
Listen to me from it
the bed that now is jail.

For the crowd in your
head let us build towers.
Amidst the bramble
astute thought in briars.

Cleaning clean the
crime scene is soiled.
In this vacant soul as
I grow I will be toiled.

Assassin of mine creep
in this pile this heap.
Dream me out of this
deep death in I sleep.

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