Shades Grey

Across the crest in duress
I place a pill rely I on mine.
The sad songs I play they
cut me such cross design.

I want to play duress now
above this ceiling a cloud
is grey but in here I’m proud
in there I am allowed.

Disavow the sentiment coy
I dry and lean I now employ
this day aghast it is my toy
I play inside this great void.

I can touch it again I am glad.
This day has found me well had
is this bliss I am not mad
as I wear this plaid I’m a fad.

Tell me take me unto dawn
where the grass is so green
as I try I give out a yawn
and gazed at the curves seen.

I want to take a trip lady
I have a tale gone sour bad.
Your trip lady has me lady
so very happy no longer sad.

Again unto the dawn beyond
I have them place in this
tale of my mental state now
is in a state of such bliss.

Turn a table in your fable
make use of what is bleeding
as the water repels cleans
the dirt it is now fleeting.

Tell this tale in today’s youth
let slip the rhythms it took
to take your adventures I am
my own story book I look.

Maybe the deuce of spades
will for me play the games
in this storybook it fades
and turns all to shades grey.

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