Question The Light

Diamond light slipped in
this crypt to fill to the top.
Largely I find myself here
this tomb now is a rock.

What little light came in
the other night long ago
now a bulwark I gained
some insight that I patrol.

The words were born low
deep in crevasses tender
I find the dark part of me
gives caution what enters.

I am a canvas tortured ink
flows from my fingers so
I must put down inclined
notions of thirst I grow.

What will you let an envoy
of such feelings to proceed
dear Sir who are you now
etching words whilst bleed?

Did you expect to gain any
insight on who you are?
Are you going to flee from
that paper that you mar?

The paper calls you now
the paper that gave you all
the substance you’d ask
for now you are in the fall. 

Great descent from logic
all you’ve given is so dark.
Solid unmoved steadfast I
let a light a way in embark.

Caution is in the entrails
from the body of your work.
Leave not what led you here
or you’ll be of little worth.

Naysayer my spirit it is lit
now that it saw a light bright.
May it be here to steal away
what led to my eternal night?

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