Air I Breathe

Drifting my soul is up
in the air it haunts us.
Give me a potion dear
I’ll always drink it up.

For all a soul you drown
looking to gaze a mirror.
Found you have image a
vision it is clearer.

Give a passion I strength
do acceentuate sentiment
one that gives account for
me and spares a minute.

Dig deep under ground
a flesh wound is spotted.
Mark out the name love
while I live in body rotted.

Come fly alive doves
as they capture to float,
but we as the evil demons
we tend cut the throat.

The draw is southern led
here in Tennessee I fed
the terror all the dread
locked steady in my head.

Give a kiss for me love,
I know that which drugs
the fellow friendship lit
in my attitude so smug. 

What I see in the mirror
that which tempts me
I escape once more so I
can capture air I breathe.

Sia- Big Girls Cry

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