“Those Who Boast About Being ‘Bruttaly Honest’ Are Usually More Brutal Than Honest” – Lori Palatnik


I guess the truth hurts. People won’t often tell you what they’re thinking. Here is a place where I’ll try and spout truth, as I see it. Whether you agree or not is your prerogative.

I love insightful and deep thinkers. I love giving praise where praise is due but I’m not afraid to place blame where blame is due. The constituents that represent my own views can be conveniently political. It is our constitutional right to protest our ideological differences.

I’ll call them on it just the same as I will with any bullys obsessed with power and control. I’m old enough to know what rhetoric and cliches are. I’m still young enough to enjoy comradery, friendship, social justice and genial differences. I will do everything in my power to see that those who can’t fight for themselves have a voice.

The world is vast, complex, mysterious, beautiful and dangerous. I have had the honor and privilege of seeing most of this earth’s “Highlights.” I’d love to see more, know more and share. There are beautiful people and cultures. Stories that inspire, make us laugh or make us think. My hope is to share those things with you.


I will be honest with you. I will never say something without verifying it. If I do I hope you let me know and I will personally apologize. I serve you! I certainly hope if you have any questions you feel free to ask. I’ll answer every one.

There are questions I have and things I would like to know. So maybe we can help each other. I hope we can. Perspective is the sight that allows us to begin to understand wisdom. True wisdom, though, is knowing that no matter how much you know…you will never know it all. True wisdom continues to learn and true power is knowledge. Yet like all power, it must not be abused.


I’m a little bit of a Lennonist. You’ll just have to forgive me.