The Perfect Pill

Pushing past noise, presently I’m poised. I gathered myself after what I’ve felt. The desert I roamed before I came home. There an oasis lit the past, I faced it. I’m deshevled grey, from paths astray. I looked inward front… Read More ›

Not Born Alone

In the beginning so the story goes, was a great sin so burden arose. Wise are we now, we clothe ourselves. Aware are we, now here we do dwell. Allowed to us were minds to discover where the err slumbers;… Read More ›

Unseen Fame

We seek fancy fame there is no stopping it. Hunger for bright lights and pleasing monuments. If we beg the question of this immovable force, of what we do dream is not simple of course. There in lies a heart… Read More ›

No Passenger

No need for trust, I’ve control over direction. Steer unto daybreak remembering affections. No moving me to weep, but help finding peace. Would you believe it’s found in one seat? Chaos once drove until this tranquility. Behind the wheel my… Read More ›