I caught a glimpse,after I didn’t look,so let us go slow tofill pages our book. Our book it’s thickbut inanimate likea solid cold thing;still I feel delight. I’ll speak of colors,to the Lord I’ll see.I’ll tell of our storyof heart, chemistry. A quick look quitwith your eyes I’mnot worth it I amin a state sublime….

Where It Belongs

I try prysapphirein an eyein desire. The timeit is gonewhere itbelongs. So let’s beshit crazy;togetherbreathe. I’ll light acandle sewa story youwill know. Maybe bassfrom yourtape deckit was pure. So let me Iwill do wellto tell wherelove dwelled. In a lane sodark a night.Stars in sky,were bright. Crickets lowchirped smilekiss we awaydid all vile. In a…