The Perfect Pill

Pushing past noise, presently I’m poised. I gathered myself after what I’ve felt. The desert I roamed before I came home. There an oasis lit the past, I faced it. I’m deshevled grey, from paths astray. I looked inward front… Read More ›


I am but an earthen vessel drawn from dirt I stand still. As the rain falls I do weep. As the earth turns I do sleep. I stand and look at the sky, as I move forward I ask why…. Read More ›

Unseen Fame

We seek fancy fame there is no stopping it. Hunger for bright lights and pleasing monuments. If we beg the question of this immovable force, of what we do dream is not simple of course. There in lies a heart… Read More ›

Uneasy Epiphanies 

Vexed I can get and spiteful sprees, after she embarked to part from me. It’s no stranger, upon occasion, my heart has had seeping abrasions. Consumed I can get sleepless phantoms, cold holes so low; defeatest anthems. It’s a result… Read More ›