Hello, My Name Is Jared

Hello. My name is Jared Winchester and I should be dead four times over. I want to share with you a part of my life so that you may understand how I see the world. It may seem that I ooze gooey sentiments to elevate your opinion of me. I can assure you that is not the case.

I am lucky to be sitting here and expressing something very important I hope you can understand. I should be dead right now. Seriously, going through some of the things I have, me being here is a statistical improbability when you look at the plain data.

I have been in two horrific car accidents. I have been mugged at gunpoint and to top it off I have fallen from a four story building that only bruised my ribs and left me with a nice scar to commemorate the moment for all time. I should be dead right now.

Yet I am not. So I’m going to live everyday as if it were my last day on this earth. I’m going to say what I mean and mean what I say. I’m not going to appease anyone or cater to anyone to curry favor. I have a chance to live and herein lies the core of me.

If you truly want to know a person then read what they write. Read how they write and you will catch a glimpse of how they think. I promise you I stand by everything this site contains and I will be open to any objections or concerns anyone might have.

I beg of you the question which lies at the foundation of the principle of which I proceed. If this was your last day to live what would you regret not doing? When you answer the question please understand that my response to the question is to tell those I love that I love them and be as honest as I can with them and myself.

That is the very least I can do.