Mission Statement Of The Sleuth Inquisitor

Sleuthing. Looking for information to solve a crime. Information is key when sleuthing. 

I have approached the topic of sleuthing by practicing and applying it to every day occurences and current events instead of solving crimes. Though I may delve into certain crimes from time to time. This site is about information, a window into my life and conclusions I have made as a result of my curiosities.

I think there are crimes commited in regards to the law and crimes against humanity; as well as crimes against personal every day experiences and events that happen in today’s society. 

I have a personal creed, a basic belief, that to make a decision I should have all the facts. I have taken to sleuthing in any and every day situations. To make decisions, the proper ones, I try and ascertain the situation and use the facts made known through my inquiries before I decide on a conclusion. 

Herein this site are articles that seem to make definitive conclusions that I have written based on inquiries in the news and experiences I’ve had. I may tend to project an authoritarian conclusion that may be subject to being interpreted differently by different people. I think that’s perfectly acceptable for people to disagree. 

To be inquisitive is to be curious about the affairs of many different subjects. Applying discovered facts and information as to unveil the curiosities, fascination and chaos in the world is the purpose of this site. As well as to entertain and hopefully provide insight or intrigue.