What’s Really On My Mind. 

No matter how many times I convince myself to celebrate life, the reality we live in today smacks me up against the wall and I have to express my feelings and journal. I half expect people to comb over this site with flippant nonchalance. The only thing I can say is what’s on my mind. 

Right now I am relieved. If anyone wants to know what I think about, well, here it is. If I would attempt to delve further rather recklessly into my everyday thoughts you would see food recipes. Because yes, I love food. Even further down the rabbit hole are little stories of victories I perceive throughout the day. Victories from personal accomplishment and personal development. Not to mention stories of people I encounter as the day passes. The undeniable moments of laughter I find myself amidst every day in casual encounters truly is hysterical. 

Where I work is a hive of intellectually charged ego’s and where I have worked before has left me with story upon story that I could use to describe and use as metaphors to explain almost anything. Our environments shape us and our experiences we live in are from choices we’ve made which leave us with our own individual perspectives. I think it’s important to share. 

What are we if not together? Why some people attempt to divide this world categorically, commit crimes, tell of lies and deceit while practicing hate baffles me. Reality is inescapable and wise people listen and share and laugh and cry together. Establishing levity is important with people because strife causes nothing but discourse. People can agree to disagree but the reality is that everyone is different. 

I think we as a society should set aside our pride and reach out to one another. Regardless of race, sex and religion…we all function under the same guise which is our inherent drive to survive. I relish the opportunity as much as I relish an Arby’s turkey bacon and ranch sandwich with curly fries and cheddar sauce. I relish the opportunity the same as I like crawling into my bed after a long day. I relish the opportunity the same as I relish seeing my families faces who love me and understand me. I enjoy the same things that everyone does and I fear and worry and am angry at the same things everyone worries about. 

Oh, and I also relish actual relish. You know, that stuff, whatever it is that you put on hot dogs. Yea. I like that stuff too. Excuse me for a minute while I go have a hot dog.