A Rapid Pulse

Your memory’s quite a companion. With time they’ve turned phantom. It is a treasonous thought I abandon those feelings I felt I won’t feel them. A decade passed since I was betrayed, emotionally I almost found a grave. My pulse… Read More ›

Avenues Of Respite

So cruel can be the revolving day. Creating questions; coldness on display. Answers elude, leave bitter tastes. Control is illusion; cursing is a waste. Wake everyday, well earned slumber. Seeing obstacles, conspiring thunder. We loose people, ones we love the… Read More ›

My Bedside Table

Greetings my fellow bloggers. When I first started this site I didn’t expect the direction I was going would go anywhere. I took some classes in college pertaining to journalism and there was some part of me that wanted to… Read More ›

Empathetic Aims

Shallow is the grave that bears a hollow soul. Whom shall lay to rest a heart that was unconsoled? Duty demands decency; that of the gentle kind. We are but chaff and dirt, salted with fickle minds. Hands craft art… Read More ›