Hey guys. These are the guts in lyrics of a Cranberries song I was listening to and just the raw imagery and violence is awestriking. Her voice is undeniable and you can tell it is from her soul.

Musical Musings #1 “The Rolling Stones.”

Okay, so this song is about drugs…or so some say anyway. I think different. I think this is about escaping reality, which is rife with filth for some. Also, it is about drugs. See what I did there? There are many reasons people do what they do. We all fight in our own little battles….

Top 5 To Come Alive

I would like to welcome you to my top 5 on repeat. Get yourself situated, plug in the headphones, turn loud and jam 🤘. “Bloodstream” – Transviolet “Jump” – Astrdid S “Stonecold” – Machineheart “Graveyard” – Halsey “Bad Intentions” – Transviolet

DJ Moment # 2 (Blur)

One hell of a day here in the South Eastern United States. Heat index of 100 degrees. Glad to be at home after a long day. Unwinding listening to some tunes after a gorgeous sunset. Global warming is real my friends. So I’m doing what I hope you’re all doing. Jamming hard whilst the earth…

One Of My Favorites (Seether)

Heartache and hurt are a part of life. Might as well accept it. I did and continue to do so. Yet there are some things we can do to dredge the soul for remedy. I wanted to share this song with you. I hope you enjoy it. It has gotten me through some rough times….

Sudden Symphonies

What is it about her that draws me near now? By chance her trance found me clear and loud. It has been a long time since we became familiar. There is a part of me that yells at me, “Do you feel her?” Can you not see now that everyday mundane things have a patina…

Irreverent Imagination

Beat your feet upon the pavement. Fuel your mind with any arrangement. Assuage your rage even if peculiar don’t be a subject ruled by some Ruler. Colors in your mind so clear. Revolve in around those you’re near. No one can take from you your imagination; do what you do. Cause a ruckus like no…

What Women Are

To carry life to feel birth’s pain, while men stand so completely vain. I try imagining my place, my worth. While women cry bringing life in birth. When I feel less like a man, tender compassion gives strength’s hand. So I see now the best part of me, moments shared in a woman’s beauty. Give…

Seek Within

I ask the sky why do you allow, in your expanse familiar clouds? Will my mind bend at your whim? Where you start; a place with no end. So I walk miles in an upright style. In your watch look what defiled. You are constant should I follow you? I can’t be there where once…

As If I Were Dreaming

The morning my mind when love I did find, is still frozen in time. Before then I was blind. I remember she was wild, spirited, sentimental guile. Far more familiar with life far more than I just a child. As I search my mind to describe her in kind, it seems all too clear it…