Mental Health

Lest I Drown

I never said to you no. That I felt it and let it go. Things you wouldn’t know inside me tend to grow. If archers strike correctly, if I tend speak indirectly. Ask would I come respectfully where we arrive… Read More ›

Avenues Of Respite

So cruel can be the revolving day. Creating questions; coldness on display. Answers elude, leave bitter tastes. Control is illusion; cursing is a waste. Wake everyday, well earned slumber. Seeing obstacles, conspiring thunder. We loose people, ones we love the… Read More ›

The Vicious Animal Within

Exerting strength as each day passes by, leaves weary passengers flying miles. Enthralled passions come in many fashions. Everyone’s different requiring compassion. For hearts strive in differing ways to survive. To keep them well and to keep dreams alive. If… Read More ›