An Asp’s Destination

Which willowing path will you traverse today? My forlorn aspiring asp, which doctrine convey? For entangling briars, that tend rip at the skin, are found in hedge mazes when lying it does begin. It makes a soul squirm uncomfortably awkward…. Read More ›

Captain Clown

A light piercing a loud tumultuous storm. Home is gentleness, there memories are born. I sail upon sound my head facing down. I am a saddened clown an apparatus I found. For it is my duty, dressing and full of… Read More ›

Fate’s Facade

Perpetuate, take fate; resonate it’s mental state, commiserate the debate as darkened doors fluctuate. Your conclusion’s illusion leaves you in confusion. Where your future lies in your passion’s bosom. Life is not about fate so think not otherwise. Or we… Read More ›