I am a vision of steam in some vacuum seen as a westerly stream. It’s a scene so serine. Of an encampment born of souls who do mourn. A little space now torn for your grace you adorn. All eyes… Read More ›

Of My Creation

I rip down the blinds hoping just to find the sun as it does shine revealing I’m not blind. What has been here or in front of me disappeared as I waste my tears on dreams that never appear. Shall… Read More ›


This world gets tired again, my soul it does seek asylum. My mind it starves for her eyes and seeks to define them. Quite the journey it has been watching her walk in and out of my presence now and… Read More ›

Speaking Stares

Nothing can compare to word speaking stares that find us right where we’re caught unaware. I’ve seen a place my mind won’t erase. Emblazzened ways left from your face. You need not draw in words what I saw. I’m now… Read More ›

At First Sight

There is such a thing as magic. Despite that life can be so tragic. You will know it when you have it, for your heart fills so fully ecstatic. Moments can and do tend happen; eyes meet and heal the… Read More ›