I Shall Strut

Void chasms, rugged mountains; dry streams empty fountains. In life everything ends. Where do you begin? I begin in dreams firing neurons filling streams. The void looks back. So I just don’t react. For what am I but movement, a… Read More ›

Where I Retreat

Watch I do the masses celebrate. I can’t comply I will not commiserate. I will withdraw to my place and draw. What my mind while in darkness saw. The embattlements that I have battled would make any soul become sadly… Read More ›

Perfection’s Reflection

Beside yourself,you know yourself. You can chill yourself to the bone.Introspection might bind you all alone. How much can you withstand?From your soul dredging sweeps.Does it keep your head from slumber orwhen no one’s looking make you weep? This kind… Read More ›