Top 3 On Repeat: I’m Fun

Tool is my band in the afterlife. Disturbed – Sound Of Silence Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes Tool – Sober

Top 3 On Repeat

Just One More Top 3’s Before The End… 30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill Tonic – If You Could Only See Live – I Alone

Eternal Ethos

Phenom of this worldmy awe is ever struck.I’ve seen impossibilityturn possible in luck. What is possible therea definition I ascertainis still undefined mad Iwant to be entertained. The realm of unknownspontaneous evolved inbrain entertains thingsin me but love not ends. All mystery of motivesmove in and out me now.The sound I’m fond of itfell from…

Fugees Rememberance: Lauryn Hill

I grew up listening to the Fugees. Over the years this never gets old for me. Fugees – Killing Me Softly Fugees – Ready Or Not Fugees – Fugeela Remix

Top 3 On Repeat

Seether – The Gift Seether – Save Today Stone Sour – Bother

Post 755

You see, I thought I’d a do a real badass poem tonight to celebrate 755. Inching ever closer to 1000 and finding out which posts were my most liked and then trying to assimilate a book. Yeah, childish dreams some of my folks will say. I say to crap with all those folks. Ha! What…

Top 3 On Repeat

Epiphany- Staind While I’m Still Here – NIN The Gift – Seether

Top 3 On Repeat

Check out these oldie but goodies… Including my favorite song of all time….

Musical Musings #1 “The Rolling Stones.”

Okay, so this song is about drugs…or so some say anyway. I think different. I think this is about escaping reality, which is rife with filth for some. Also, it is about drugs. See what I did there? There are many reasons people do what they do. We all fight in our own little battles….

I Know You

The fields always grew us we tasted dew of youth let’s not leave wasted. Forward back too am I very bruised a tick-tock a clock rocks me as I muse. Tall we’ve grown my friend twisted is an idea now and never did I miss it. Time has absorbed none of your grace. Here now…

Songs To Look Back On

Axl Rose wrote a poem about a very popular woman whom he would marry. She was the daughter of one of the Everly Brothers. Axl above most anything wanted to be a father. He would be devastated by a miscarriage him and his wife would have. Now, know that and give this song another listen….

Storm Of Bass

Take this cup fear is enough to slip beneath lips give us up. We those of a place together face into places alert of weather. Wreckage worn of that of storm are from us born into flame form. From me to you for what I mean when the sky up into face screams. Can it…

Songs I Grew Up To

I know everyone has their own taste of music. This is mine. I would love writing songs with a female lead vocal with lyrics by me. Yet that is called a pipe-dream. It won’t happen but it is my place of zen I usually am staring out into; with a blank stare on my face….

Top 3 On Repeat

Hey guys. Hope the night is well for all of those reading! I’m enjoying the medicine which is you guys and some good poetry. You guys really expand the perception of emotions and feelings in a wonderful way. Definitely the gift of language, imagery, symbolism and raw emotion. I’m honored to be perfectly honest that…

Jumping Jack Flash

Ladies & Gentleman, the great Rolling Stones singing Jumping Jack Flash. …it’s a gas. 🤟

Top 3 On Repeat

“Thorns”- Luna Shadows “Be The One” – Luna Shadows “Too Far” – Laurel

Top 3 On Repeat

A few songs by an artist known as Alxxa. Enjoy… Pistol Icy Love Body

I’ve Not Been In Here

God forgive me I do not believe I have been here. The paint is so unfamiliar though I’ve seen it for years. The bed it is elevated high off of the floor that I crawl across the carpet my feet do not touch ground at all. The light that I’ve read to is a different…

Top 3 On Repeat

“Overgrown” – Machineheart “Sound Of Silence” “Mermaid” – Skott

Spaces I Trace

I try my best to focus on what I must do to maintain who I am as a person. Identity and knowing ones self through introspection and meditation is a philosophy I practice. I try my best to love myself for what I am. I try and fix areas of my life I am unhappy…

Top 3 On Repeat

I listen to music when I write. These are a few songs I’ve been listening to lately. I enjoy the beat and I dream one day of being able to write lyrics that people can feel and relate to. Or just simply something to dance to. Until that I happens I sit here pounding my…

Top 3 On Repeat

Hey guys. I just wanted to share some music I’ve been listening to lately. These may be relative unknowns but I encourage you to listen to them in whatever music player you have for the full effect and bass. Have a wonderful night guys. Rock on 🤘 ORKID “Lay Low” – ORKID “PDA” – Emily…

Top 3 On Repeat

Greetings everyone. I was sitting here in my room looking out my window. It is a chilly 34 degree morning. The sky is overcast and I’m listening to some music I wanted to share. Sometimes I wish I could play the guitar and write songs. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Yet I can share some…

Top 3 On Repeat

Sometimes I like taking a break from writing. Pouring ink on a page releases stress. So I write often. A lot of you know this fact. I post a lot. Essentially because there is a lot of pain in my past I have to live with everyday. Call it silly if you will but music…

Top “6” On Repeat

FLETCHER – Wasted Youth bülow- Sad And Bored Ella Vos – Down In Flames Astrid S – Hurts So Good Transviolet alxxa – Fire

DJ Moment # 2 (Blur)

One hell of a day here in the South Eastern United States. Heat index of 100 degrees. Glad to be at home after a long day. Unwinding listening to some tunes after a gorgeous sunset. Global warming is real my friends. So I’m doing what I hope you’re all doing. Jamming hard whilst the earth…

One Of My Favorites (Seether)

Heartache and hurt are a part of life. Might as well accept it. I did and continue to do so. Yet there are some things we can do to dredge the soul for remedy. I wanted to share this song with you. I hope you enjoy it. It has gotten me through some rough times….