The Vicious Animal Within

Exerting strength as each day passes by, leaves weary passengers flying miles. Enthralled passions come in many fashions. Everyone’s different requiring compassion. For hearts strive in differing ways to survive. To keep them well and to keep dreams alive. If… Read More ›

I Shall Strut

Void chasms, rugged mountains; dry streams empty fountains. In life everything ends. Where do you begin? I begin in dreams firing neurons filling streams. The void looks back. So I just don’t react. For what am I but movement, a… Read More ›

On What We Dwell

Morning dew upon my brow, soft sinews bring softness out. All pride self consuming, as time is sharply looming. Is the world blind to the kind? Will the mind remember in time? Of the times as warmth champions winning fights… Read More ›

What Women Are

To carry life to feel birth’s pain, while men stand so completely vain. I try imagining my place, my worth. While women cry bringing life in birth. When I feel less like a man, tender compassion gives strength’s hand. So… Read More ›

Seek Within

I ask the sky why do you allow, in your expanse familiar clouds? Will my mind bend at your whim? Where you start; a place with no end. So I walk miles in an upright style. In your watch look… Read More ›

Where I Retreat

Watch I do the masses celebrate. I can’t comply I will not commiserate. I will withdraw to my place and draw. What my mind while in darkness saw. The embattlements that I have battled would make any soul become sadly… Read More ›